In 1984 while walking home from a football physical examination, our son Dennis John, a 15 year old Clifton NJ high school student was struck by an automobile. He suffered a severe brain injury that has left him totally disabled. Unable to communicate or care for himself in any way, Dennis depends on others for the basic necessities of life. The devastation to our son is a source of sadness and frustration that overwhelms the entire family.

Dennis and Rosalind Benigno

Unfortunately Dennis is not alone. Recent statistics show that an ever-increasing segment of the population suffers a similar fate. The majority of survivors are under 30 years old. Most are caused by vehicle accidents. Due to the nature and unpredictability of the severe disabilities associated with brain injury, many victims live out their lives institutionalized without hope of improvement. Fortunately Dennis is cared for at home by loving and devoted family members, nurses, therapists and friends. After years of continuous physical therapy and cognitive therapy, we have come to realize the only hope for our son and others with similar injuries have for improvement is a cure. To expedite the search for a cure we have founded the Coalition for Brain Injury Research. As a charitable organization we are dedicated to raising awareness and funding to support brain injury research. .

The Coalition for Brain Injury Research is dedicated to supporting and promoting research that will lead to a brain injury cure. Join us.


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