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Welcome To The Coalition For Brain Injury Research

Millions of individuals suffer Traumatic Brain Injuries each year with devastating consequences for their entire families. The numbers are staggering, one accident every 15 seconds.

The majority of survivors are under 30 years old. Most traumatic brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Due to the nature and unpredictability of the severe disabilities associated with brain injury, many victims live out their lives institutionalized without hope of improvement.

To expedite the search for a brain injury cure, we have founded the Coalition for Brain Injury Research. As a charitable foundation, we are dedicated to raising awareness and funding to support brain injury research.

Based on recent advances in the neurosciences, the potential for cure is rapidly gaining credibility in the research community. We are totally committed to working at the federal, state, and grass roots levels to achieve our goals.These efforts will renew hope to the victims and families who have suffered for so long. Every effort should be made to provide them with the opportunity to lead a meaningful, productive life.